Recent Testimonials:  (student names omitted)

Yay she made it.  (Student makes her high school team as a freshman.) Freaking out over hear!! So proud of her.  It was awesome cuz the coaches told her she has a fantastic prep game ... just like you trainer her to do, and told her to do before each swing.  Love it!!

GRGF mom, Christine, Snohomish


You have been a great role model and influencer for all the students. (My son) has fond golf experience memories created by you.  I'm sure he will cherish those memories for the rest of his life.

GRGF dad, Darrin, Snohomish


Coach Jeff,
We want to thank you for the outstanding instruction our son received. With your encouragement and instruction he has become very interested in golf and is in fact going out for school golf, something he would not have pictured himself doing just months prior. As parents we wish to thank you also for not only providing golf instruction for our son, but with the experience, we have noticed that he is more confident to tackle new things.
Thank you again,
Randy and Karen, Duvall

Thank you for your support of (our son). It means so much to (mom) and I.  (Our son) has benefited so much from this program.
Andy, Lynnwood

Just wanted to THANK YOU again for taking the time out of your weekend to give my son a taste of golf. I was so impressed with your skills of getting to know (my son) and then incorporating what he's interested in into learning golf! He's hooked and can't wait to get back out there. Thanks for your kindness, generosity, and sharing your phenomenal coaching talents with my kiddo. I'm so grateful to you for providing him with such a positive first experience with golf. We'll definitely be continuing to pursue his new interest.
Julie, Shoreline

I just wanted to thank you again for letting (my son) come finish the G.O.L.F. class with you and your team on Saturday.  He was so excited and pumped up about golfing again so it was very nice to see.

Thank you,
Vicki, Arlington

(My son) is really enjoying himself. It’s nice to see him take an interest in something outside of videogames and computers.  It really means a lot to us that your making this time especially for him.
Lorie, Snohomish

There aren’t many opportunities for kids to learn a sport, while learning how to respect themselves and others.  I get the most satisfaction out of watching what your program has done for (my son) as an individual.  The improved golf skills are a bonus.  I welcome every opportunity that would keep him involved with the program.
Margie, Snohomish

I first learned not to give in and persevere when I took up golfing as a hobby in 8th grade. I thought to myself if I invested time into it and worked hard I could possibly be on the team. So my Freshman year I (along with 30 or so others) tried to make the cut. I had below average clubs, no golf shoes, and hardly any talent. I didn’t make the team. Instead of thinking that was the end, I began to practice and got involved with GRGF Program. Through GRGF, I took lessons and gained some talent. My Sophomore year, I made Junior Varsity team. Between seasons, I worked to improve my game.  My Junior year, I made the Varsity team.  During the summer prior to my Senior year, I took a job at a golf course to earn some cash for college and get free rounds.  This year I am on the Varsity team again and am now trying to make the Wesco finals this season.

Just like I accomplished my goal in golf, I will accomplish my goal of getting the education needed to excel in the career of my choice."
Bret, Monroe