Play the Game

When your student is not a beginner; is interested in playing with others also developing in skill, our PLAY programs are a fit.

PLAY programs also fit more advanced players that can play in stroke events, but also want to have fun playing with their peers who are still developing.

Students that have graduated our G.O.L.F.E.R. Level 1 class are ready for the PLAY programs.

We believe in getting students playing golf as soon as possible.  That is where the fun is; and playing golf advances fascination as well as learning.

In the spring, our PGA Junior League program is a great way for developing youth from Learners into Players.  PGA Junior League has been called "Little League" for golf.

We begin to register players in the PGA Junior League in March, creating teams in April for league matches that are scheduled through June.  Format for play is match play/scramble against other league teams in our area.

From mid-September through October,  GRGF offers an after school Fall League; 9 hole play that also uses a match play or scramble format to help junior develop skills without the pressure of stroke play.

Note:  Students that graduate our G.O.L.F.E.R Level 2 class are ready to play stroke play in our "Compete" program (and/or should be able to make their local high school team).