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January 2018

Become a Governing Board Member

Our Board would like to add 2 new members in 2018!

The Governing Board meets 5 - 6 times per year and and is a true 'governing body' that focuses on Strategic Planning, Finances, and Policies.

Board members are not expected to be "Superman" or "Wonder Woman". 

 Superman2          WonderWoman2

Our Governing Board members are folks like you that have specific skills, limited volunteer time, and a keen desire to help advance our charitable mission:

"To benefit youth and families with affordable golf programs which enrich lives."

We are pleased that Sam Hogenson 
joined our Board. Hear his story.


GRGF recently interviewed GRGF Board Member Sam Hogenson. 

Sam is unique in that he first became involved with GRGF as an student.

You are a Governing Board Member now since you joined the Board in 2016.   When did you first start taking golf lessons with us ......

The summer before 8th grade I had decided that making the high school team was important to me, so I asked my Dad to help me find lessons. He found GRGF online and fell in love with charity's objective to use the game of golf as a tool to teach life skills to kids. My first interaction was a summer camp led by Coach Jeff out at Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course. His passion and energy was infectious, and his ability to tie life skills into the game of golf was effortless. After the camp ended, I continued growing within the program with high school quickly approaching.
I had always grown up golfing with my Dad and Grandpa up at Skagit Golf and Country Club. For most of my youth, golf was simply a way of bonding with my Dad and Grandpa. I'd play a couple of holes, feed the carp in the pond, eat a Snickers bar, and then finish the rest of the course.  
Then you played golf in high school at Archbishop Murphy? 

Yes, with the help of Coach Jeff and other great coaches I had rapidly progressed my golf skills and made the varsity team at Archbishop Murphy each year capped off by captaining the team my senior year in 2010.

You continued to stay involved in the charity ........... helping us coach classes and volunteering at our annual fundraising tournament?

Throughout my high school years I remained extremely involved in the charity in many different ways. I continued progressing through the curriculum as a student, volunteered as a coach, helped execute the annual tournament, and served as a Junior Board Member.

The Everett Herald newspaper did a story on you ..... at the time you were entering your junior in high school and about to go to a golf leadership academy experience that GRGF help you apply for.
(Here is the article you are referring to: The leadership academy was week-long program, and was a fantastic opportunity to learn from other students my age from many different backgrounds. Spending time with kids from places like New York, Alabama, and even Singapore was an extremely rewarding experience for someone like me being born and raised in Snohomish, WA.   Working to provide impactful life experiences to our current students is a major reason I continue to serve and contribute to this charity.
Then, you remained connected as a "junior Board member" ..............

The Board presented me with the opportunity of becoming a Junior Board Member my senior year of high school. This was an amazing experience for a 17 year old! Although I didn't have much to contribute to the major conversations taking place at the table, it was very rewarding to be exposed to that environment at an early age. Still to this day I find myself feeling appreciative for this experience. I learned a lot during those Board meetings, perhaps none more important than building confidence speaking in professional settings. The Board was always very encouraging of me to speak up during the meetings; they always made my perspective feel valued as I could easily relate to their student body. This increased confidence allowed me to play more significant roles within the charity such as escorting our #1 donor, giving speeches, and helping execute our fundraising events.
Then off to the University of Washington, and eventually accepted into The Foster School of Business?

My first individual lesson with Coach Jeff as an 8th grader I was expecting that we would dive right into my swing technique. I couldn't have been more off-base. We spent the first 30mins of our lesson talking about goals, both golf related and non-golf related. I had already established my goal of making the high school team so that one was easy. Through my lessons with Jeff I was already making the small steps necessary to turning this goal into a reality. I had always dreamed of attending the University of Washington, but it never occurred to me to start taking action on my UW dream in 8th grade. Coach Jeff introduced the method of setting short-term goals to reach your long-term dreams. His mentorship, along with the opportunities provided through this charity, played a very significant role in realizing my dream of being a Husky. The hard part was once I got to UW, it became increasingly difficult to stay involved with the charity between classes and traffic! I stayed as involved as possible during my time at UW, helping out with the annual tournament and other one-off events. All the while I knew that one day I'd be able to use the skills learned at UW to give back to the charity that had provided such great opportunities to me.
You graduated from the U of W with what major?
I graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a double major in Accounting and Entrepreneurship.  

You now work where?
My first job out of college was as a Revenue Accountant with Concur Technologies in Bellevue, WA. Over the past 2.5 years I have gained valuable experiences in the accounting/finance industry. Currently, I am a Finance Business Partner supporting Concur's IT and Product Development organizations.

You are using your education, training, and experience to lead the Governing Board through a re-design of our financial methods and reporting?

I knew all of those classes and long hours at work would pay off! In collaboration with the rest of the Board, we have re-designed our financial capturing and reporting systems. We have insight into our spending behavior, funding streams, and overall cash flow that we have never had before. This level of detailed data will help us continue positively impacting our student's lives for the years to come.

What would you say to encourage prospective GRGF Board Members to help them decide to join i?

I think it would be very difficult for someone to resist the urge to get involved in some capacity after seeing the impact that we have on our students. I understand the initial fear factor of committing to the Board; however, the time commitment is very reasonable (we meet about once per quarter) and the financial commitment is flexible allowing you to contribute whatever you feel comfortable contributing. Furthermore, the current Board is made of up a great group of people that truly care about the students and we have a great time crafting the vision for this great charity. We are looking to expand our Board and are excited to meet you! If you are interested in joining the Board please reach out to us.  

What role does golf play in your life currently? 

Golf will always be a large part of my life! While I certainly don't play as much as I'd like to these days, golf provided some of the greatest memories with my Dad and Grandpa. The game continues to provide meaningful experiences and connections in my everyday life and I look forward to many more years of golfing.
To learn more about becoming a GRGF Governing Board member contact:
Jeff Cornish
Founder & CEO


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