Learn the Game

If your student has already tried golf, shows an interest in the game, but is still a "beginner"; our LEARN program is the best fit.

We believe learning golf is a process that can be ..... and should be, fun!

At GRGF, we believe that golf is best learned at a golf course using golf equipment and guided by caring, experienced youth golf coaches in individual or very small learning groups.

GRGF has developed a program and learning method that meets the student at their own level and helps them progress at their own pace.

Over the past 17 years, serving over 4,500 youth, we have continued to develop our learning activities and methods so that skill development is fun.

The result of our experience is the development of our proprietary G.O.L.F. and G.O.L.F.E.R. curriculum.

With our experience, we have developed key assessment progress points in the development of a junior player, and use those measurements to guide development and placement in golf programs that will be the best fit for the player.

Students "graduate" through levels of G.O.L.F. and G.O.L.F.E.R. by successfully completing skill, knowledge, and awareness assessments.

Assessments can also be used for students with previously developed skills from other programs, to determine which GRGF level class is right for them.