Junior Golf Tour

GRGF Junior Golf Tour is a schedule of tournaments for youth stroke play.

Suggested ages are 9 and up for youth able to carry or push cart their golf bag and play independently.


3 Divisions of play include:

"Par 3" for younger players with adult helper, "9 hole" for more developed players, and "18 hole" division for higher skilled, experienced players up to age 18.

Players compete in any of the "Qualifying Events" to gain points towards the Grassroots Golf Foundation Junior Tour Regional Championship.

Players also earn merchandise prize credit for prizes.   Just for participating, all players may become eligible for GRGF Education Grants Fund upon graduating from high school.

There is a one-time GRGF annual membership fee of $25 or $50 per household includes entire family.

Tournament entry fees range from $25 to $40 per player. 

Transportation to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the parents.   The standard GRGF registration form can be used and online payment can be made through this website.

LINK TO COMPETE page for schedule of events.