Some of our more advanced students want to discover and experience ways to continue to have golf as part of their success in high school, college and beyond. 

And, .............. they want to continue to see how to use golf as a context to help others.

Our Impact program is individualized coaching to help a select number of GRGF students find ways to "make a difference" in the world.

Impact participants are looking to excel in golf at the high school level and perhaps even play in college. 

The Impact program helps them continue to advance their golf skills, while coaching them toward their futures ............. including college recruitment and selection, career development, financial education, and interpersonal relationships.

As a part of the GRGF Impact program, participants choose to help GRGF with a cumulative project.  Examples are: a special event, golf classes, or a self-directed community projects.  

The Impact experience is like an "Eagle Scout" program in golf.  It is the highest level of learning at GRGF, has individually meaningful experiences, and a cumulative project that "gives back".

Impact participants can apply for GRGF Education Grant Funds upon completion of their Impact Program. Grants are awarded after successful high school graduation.