Governance Values:

Every investment we make in time and resources will have a positive return in to the mission of the charity.  

Each expenditure must be justified as we steward the gifts of our supporters.

The goals we set for ourselves will be transparent and measurable.

The leaders at every level will be accountable for their performance.



Vaughan Seifert, President

Sam Hogenson

Dan Metcalf

Doug Hall

Jesse Anderson

Jeff Cornish


Advisory Board 

Dan Smith, PGA, General Manager, Lynnwood GC

Dave Boivin, PGA, Director of Instruction, Jackson Park GC

Tom Perry, President, National Charity Golf Association

Jay Halle, Chaplain, Campbell-Nelson VW-Nissan


no Administrative staff, all administration is volunteer

some coaches paid on contract basis

Program Managers

Tom Perry, GRGF Junior Tour COMPETE program

Jeff Cornish, GRGF EXPLORE, LEARN, PLAY program