Grass Roots Golf Foundation (GRGF)  is a 501c3 tax-exempt charity, formed in 2004, and supported by the local community.  All donations support local programs.  

GRGF is independent from any national program, franchise brand, or industry initiative,  where local funds or staff time could be diverted through fees or unfunded mandates.

GRGF believes that golf is the best "lifetime" sport activity for youth and adults because it can provide lifelong benefits of good health, positive relationships, and lessons in personal success.

Our core mission is serving youth, and we also provide learning experiences for adults.

Annual membership fee to GRGF is $25 for a youth, $40 for an adult, and $50 for a household (youth and adults).  Annual members can take advantage of our free, member only clinics and other services.

GRGF seeks to create and deliver fun and affordable golf programs based on our 18 year history of serving over 4,500 youth. 

GRGF only partners with other organizations that do not negatively impact our local resources to deliver programs of value to our students and families.

All of what we do is made affordable through individual donors, corporate sponsors, and fundraising events.

Students select and graduate through "program levels" through a combination of golf skill, written testing, and playing ability.  Classes meet the same day each week during a seasonal session at the same location and time. Our 5 program "departments" are EXPLORE, LEARN, PLAY, COMPETE, and IMPACT.

Programs are seasonal from March through October.

A "Pre-Season" skill development program is available in the Spring Session and offers Clinics and Camps. 

GRGF does not collect tuition or registration fees for EXPLORE programs.  For LEARN programs, a suggested hourly donation is requested of $25 but not required.  For PLAY programs the PGA JR. League mininum fee is $75.  For COMPETE Junior Tour events, the GRGF entry fee is $40 for 18 hole division and $30 for 9 hole division.

Completion of a G.O.L.F. LEARN class, or a Personal Golf Assessment is recommended before registration into a GRGF  Junior League play or the COMPETE play Junior Tour competitions.

Personal lessons are available by appointment with one of our Trained Local Coaches.  An hourly rate donation to Grassroots Jr. Golf Foundation is suggested.

1. When do programs happen?

Beginner clinics, developmental classes and recreation leagues are in the spring.   Classes and competitive play in the summer and fall.  Individual coaching is available in the winter.

 CLICK HERE to view the Schedule.   

2. Where are programs offered?

We offer program at a variety of golf courses in Snohomish county.   CLICK HERE for a list of program locations.

3. How do I choose which program fits my student?

Most students fall within one of five "program levels":

-Explore: students new to the game (regardless of age) that may or may not have previous golf experience, and may or may not have equipment.   These students may enter into our G.O.L.F. classes or enroll in clinics, camps, or personal lessons.

- Learn:  students in development that have some previous experience in golf, have their own equipment, and a desire to improve their skill level.   These students have demonstrated their skill through an assessment or have graduated through our G.O.L.F. class. These students enter into our G.O.L.F.E.R. classes.

- Play:  students that are ready to play the game in a recreational setting (but still developing skills for independent stroke play competition). These students join our PGA Jr. League team play program, and, take our second level G.O.L.F.E.R. class.

- Compete students that can play independently in stroke play tournaments against others their age or skill level.  These students have graduated through our G.O.L.F.E.R. 2.0 class,  a skill assessment, have documented previous junior tournament experience, or past experience as a high school team player.

- Impact:  advanced students can apply to enter the Impact Program.  We liken this to an "Eagle Scout" experience.  Students not only continue to advance in golf skill, but also work with GRGF to choose an independent course of study and deliver a cumulative project to benefit GRGF and the community.

4. How much does it cost?

After the annual, one time membership fee (above) there is no fee for EXPLORE and LEARN programs but donations are appreciated. Registration minimum fee are charges per the PGA for the Junior League PLAY program.  The GRGF Jr. Tour COMPETE program is usually $40 per event for the 18 hole division and $30 for the 9 hole division.

There are no additional costs for classes, equipment, and activities directly related to the program. This fee may be reduced through financial aid grants to help in the case of financial need.

5. How do I register and pay?

CLICK HERE to download a generic registration form or email or phone us for a paper form.  

Payment can be online from the Register page CLICK HERE or send in mail.  

6. How do I sign up for classes?

Find the session, location, and time of the class, camp, or event you desire on the SCHEDULE page. Download a registration form and mail in with payment, or, use email a scan of the registration form and use the website for online payment.  We get an email notice for every online payment.  Once your registration is received online or by mail, we send an email confirmation.

7. What are the classes like?

Classes are fun; and will be taught in groups of no more than 12 students with a student:coach ratio of no more than 6:1. Classes are on the same day each week at the same location. Classes are 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on level) and will include all Core Lessons, Rules & Etiquette. Upper level classes include playing.  Graduating through class levels will be 'progressive' with skill and knowledge assessments taking place each week during the classes. 

8. Who are the coaches?

Lead coaches are adults with backgrounds in education, coaching and or child development.   They that have either completed the GRGF coach training program (3 years), or, have at least 1 year experience as a Trained Local Coach (TLC)  with GRGF.

All coaches and volunteers at any level receive a background check through the Washington State Patrol prior to coaching.

9. What age and ability level does the program include?

Youth ages 7-17 years may enroll.  Students will learn in a particular class level and be assessed on skills and knowledge as they progress. Students then move through the levels at their own pace, and based on their own goals for golf.    For more detail description of program levels CLICK HERE for the Program page.

10. How long does it take to complete the entire program?

Every student is unique and may have different goals.   Some youth want to play competitive golf; while some may just want to be able to play with other youth or their family.  Students are encouraged to participate at whatever pace works best for them. This approach provides the highest levels of enjoyment for all.

11. What are the other benefits of the programs?

Once graduated through the G.O.L.F.E.R. class,  students may enjoy special access for practice and/or play at local "Program Facility Courses".  Some restrictions may apply. We will offer incentives for various accomplishments within the program and periodic activities such as parties and tournaments.  

12. If I have more questions?

Just call us at 425-422-9527 or email:  jeff@GRGFound.org