Coach Jeff



Jeff Cornish is the Founder & CEO of Grass Roots Jr. Golf Foundation

Married to Monica.  Daughters Leiran and Heather. 

B.A. in Education, Pacific Lutheran University.   4 year letters in both football and track.

Certificate in Non-Profit Management, University of Washington.  

A variety of professional experiences, including Corporate Health & Fitness Manager, Private School Advancement Director, Public Hospital Foundation Director, Ballroom Dance Coach, Golf Course and Golf Tournament Management.

Nationally Recognized The First Tee Coach (2007 - 2014) and Nationally Recognized The First Tee Executive (2009 - 2014)

Below sample of learning experiences developed and offered by Coach Jeff.

Golf Ready  - 1 hour free assessment to determine "readiness" for entering a class level, or identifying specific goals (youth & adult)

G.O.L.F. 1.0 -  2 hour introduction on the fundamentals of golf skill

G.O.L.F.  2.0  -  2 hour, more advanced, followup on GOLF 101

G.O.L.F.E.R. - 4 hours, includes above, plus the basics of etiquette and rules

G.O.L.F.E.R. 2.0  -  8 hours, building upon concepts in G.O.L.F.E.R.

G.O.L.F.E.R.  3.0  - 16 hours, going further with concepts in G.O.L.F.E.R. 2.0.

A.L.I.G.N.  -  5 hours of coaching to help you coach yourself and others

I.M.P.A.C.T.  - 6 hours of coaching to develop the game "inside" the game

High School Ready  - 8 hours of coaching to prepare a youth to try out for a high school team

Tournament Ready  -  8 hours of coaching focusing on how to compete

P.R.O.F.I.T.S.  - 8 hours of coaching for the business professional to succeed at "business golf"

M.A.G.I.C.  -  customized coaching experience for any "team" or "organization" to accomplish mutual goals.

"Fascination is the true and proper mother of discipline.  And gowf is a place to practice fascination. 'Tis slow enough to concentrate the mind and complex enough to require our many parts.  In that 'tis a microcosm of the world's larger discipline.  Our feeling's, fantasies, thoughts and muscles, all must join to play. .......   The game is a mighty teacher --   And I say to ye all, good friends, that as ye grow in gowf, ye come to see the things ye learn there in every other place."   from Golf in the Kingdom, by Michael Murphy