Claire's Testimonial

Why support Grass Roots Junior Golf; Claire & Grandfather Tell it Best!

Recently we received an email from a grateful grandfather. He puts into words the reason Grass Roots Jr. Golf Foundation exists.

 "Thanks so much for getting Claire started in golf; and also in LIFE!"     Chuck Pilcher (grandfather).

Claire Senior photo

Some 10 years ago, Claire was introduced to golf through our “EXPLORE” beginner program.

Soon after this initial exposure; she progressed in our “LEARN” class to develop golf skills and more fully understand the game and its rules. 

She continued to practice independently along with other camps and lessons from GRGF and other providers.

Eventually, she began to “PLAY” with her grandfather and experience recreational rounds.

Ultimately; as a freshman she tried out for and joined her high school golf team enabling her to "COMPETE" in the state tournament for the past 2 years.  Entering her senior year, she will be team captain and looks forward to making it to the state tournament again.

Grandpa reports that she maintains a 3.92 GPA, currently plays to a 5 handicap, has a PR score of 73 from the whites, and that he "hasn't beaten her in a friendly match in 2 years!"


Our appeal is that you choose to invest in GRGF so that we can continue to provide opportunities and experiences for youth like Claire.

We ask you to direct your support for these youth in the stage of their golf journey that most aligns with what you want to support; within our four 'categories' of programmingExplore, Learn, Play, Compete.

Explore: Youth new to the game, GRGF provides "first impression" to create a fascination for golf; $100 per youth investment for course practice access, equipment, and coaching.

Learn: Youth who want to develop from beginning to intermediate skills and further their knowledge of the game; progress through proprietary, 6 month, GRGF curriculum at own pace; moving toward being able to play the game for fun within modified, recreational rules; $500 per youth investment in practice course access, equipment and coaching;

Play: Youth that have mastered the basics of golf and rules that want to play with peers in the PGA Junior League program (2 person scramble format in match play with modified rules).  $250 per youth investment for practice course access, match date green fees, equipment, coaching and scholarship to reduce league fees. 

COMPETE: Youth that want to test their independent skills and keep track of every stroke withing the rules of golf in a match with peers.  The GRGF Junior Tour offers 8 - 10 events each year for youth to compete, $50 per youth per round investment to keep green fees affordable, provide for merchandise prize fund, create an educational grant fund, and cover event management.

Studies show that when youth learn to play golf independently and compete with their peers, they much more often play in high school programs and are MUCH more likely to continue to be golfers as adults.

EXPLORE gets youth off to a great start in golf .... creates a fascination to learn more about golf.  

Donate $100 per youth LINK HERE to help more youth explore golf for the first time; especially under served youth.


 LEARN helps GRGF youth in developing golf skill and knowledge to be confident to go play. 

Donate $500 per youth, LINK HERE to help more youth to learn golf.


PLAY allows GRGF youth to test their skills in a recreational setting with their peers to be more ready to compete.

Donate $250 per youth, LINK HERE to support helping youth PLAY golf.

  Island Golfers 2018

 LINK HERE to support in helping youth COMPETE in golf.  ($50 per round) 


Thank you for your generous support!

We appreciate your help as much as ever; it is your support that makes possible the experiences of young players like Claire ...............  (and proud grandparents).