What We Coach

Our promise

"Affordable programs where students have fun while developing foundational golf skills, at golf courses, using golf equipment, in small classes, with experienced, caring coaches."

Entering our 15th year of service, and having coached now over 4,000 youth, we believe that game of golf is best learned by playing golf, on a golf course, with the help of trained golf coaches, in small groups ...... our students to learn to play golf, and grow to love the game for life.

We have found that, ...... generally ....... , youth fit into one of our four program levels, regardless of their age:

Exploring, Learning, Playing, Competing.  When you contact us about a program selection, we will use these program "level descriptions" to help decide together the best experience for your player.

Program Levels

EXPLORE:  youth trying golf for the first time or with very little experience.  Usually do not have their own equipment.

LEARN:  youth with some experience in golf, who are developing a fascination about getting better at playing.  Usually have their own equipment.

PLAY:  players with some playing experience that want to continue to improve skills and golf understanding by playing with others in a recreational setting.  Have passed through the GRGF G.O.L.F.E.R. class level or the GRGF Play Assessment for the PGA Junior League program.  PGA Jr. League is a team program ...... like  "Little League" for golf.

COMPETE:   independent players that can keep up pace of play, know basic rules and etiquette, and are ready for stroke play in tournaments against other juniors.  Have passed through the GRGF G.O.L.F.E.R. Level 2 or already possess the golf skill, etiquette and rules ability as demonstrated in a GRGF assessment or other verification method.

We contrast our program to others that conduct programs at "non-golf" locations like youth centers or school PE classes, with "leaders" that have minimal training and experience, and deliver programs more for "headcount" or "profit".

Our promise is to deliver programs that are positive, active, fun, affordable and meaningful.  We can only do this best as a charity, with the support of donors and volunteers to keep costs affordable for the value we provide.  Our biggest annual fundraising activity is our Annual Golf Tournament.   LINK HERE.

Explore -   "G.O.L.F." Classes, Camps, Clinics


Our G.O.L.F. Level programs are the beginning level for youth ages 7 and up with no or vary little previous golf experience. Equipment can be provided.

Students are coached through fundamental skills delivered in a way to maximize fun and appreciation that "anyone can play golf".

More advanced G.O.L.F.E.R. Level programs are offered to ages 9 and up for students with previous golf experience and/or having successfully completed our G.O.L.F. level program.

Learn - "G.O.L.F.E.R." Classes, Camps, Clinics and USGA/LPGA Girls Golf Classes

USOpenballKids TN

Our G.O.L.F.E.R. Level classes are for students that have some golf experience and now want to develop golf specific skills and "learn how to play the game" including etiquette and rules.   G.O.L.F.E.R. Level students progress through three levels programming (G.O.L.F.E.R. 1.0, 2.0)

This level is available to G.O.L.F. Level graduates ages 9 and up, or by passing a pre-registration skill assessment.  G.O.L.F.E.R Level students usually have their own golf equipment and have practiced or played for fun with family or friends recently.

The G.O.L.F.E.R. Level classes are co-ed, except the USGA/LPGA Girls Golf Classes which have a similar content but for just girls.

GirlsGolfSummer2015 TN 

Play  -  PGA Jr. League, GRGF League Play

The PGA Jr. League is a two person scramble format playing other local teams in a "Little League" type play.   It is a great starter league for youth ages 8 - 13 that are developing competitive skills.   League play is in spring through summer.  Successfully passing G.O.L.F.E.R. 1.0, or a pre-season assessment is required for participation in the league.

GRGF also conducts some recreational play events in the fall. 

JrLeagueBoys TN

Compete  -  GRGF Junior Tour

The Grass Roots Golf Junior Tour is individual stroke play for youth that have the golf skill, etiquette and rules knowledge to be able to play independently against other youth.   Players should have completed G.O.L.F.E.R. 2.0, or, a pre-registration assessment prior to competing in the GRGF Junior Tour.   Players are put into age and skill  divisions with local qualifying tournaments that advance players to a championship event.  The Junior Tour events are late spring through summer.


Impact - making a difference in the world


The IMPACT program is an individually directed program with a personal coach.  It is like an "Eagle Scout" program ....... in the context of golf.   A select number of advanced students work with a coach on a personal development plan that includes a cumulative project to serve others and advance GRGF and/or the greater good.


GRGF has consulting expertise, equipment and resources that can help others reach their unique goals.   Staff training, consulting help with golf events and outings, using golf as a fundraising tool, and, non-profit management are some of our favorite collaborations.   Our 'team' may have just the skill set you are looking to engage.

This program can't succeed without the help of our donors.

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