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Competitive Play

Grass Roots Golf Foundation (GRGF) supports a PGA Jr. League and conducts a Junior Tour.

The Junior League is a developmental play in teams of 10 players.  Matches are 2 player scramble match play format.

The Junior Golf Tour is competitive individual stroke play in 3 Divisions; "Par 3", "9 hole", and "18 hole". 


PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) is "Little League" for golf.   

Local teams of 8 - 10 players are formed and practice once per week at a local course. 

Practice begins in April through May.  Matches begin in May.

Our 2016 league has 2 teams from GRGF, 3 from Harbour Pointe Golf Course, and 1 team from Echo Falls.

Everyone plays, learns, and has fun.  The league is  for youth ages 8 - 13 to continue to develop their skills with a fun format, so that they may be ready to enter the more competitive GRGF Junior Tour events (above). 

Transportation to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the parents.  


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GRGF Junior Golf Tour is a schedule of tournaments for youth able to play independently in a stroke play format.

There are 3 divisions of play for ages 9 - 17.


GRGF annual, one time membership fee of $25 is required.  Entry to the tournaments range from $25 to $40.

CLICK Here to go to a more detailed page about the Junior Golf Tour.  

A unique feature of this Junior Golf Tour is players earn place awards for merchandise and participation grants for future education.

Our financial partner with the grants is Heritage Bank. 

Transportation to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the parents.   The standard GRGF registration form can be used and online payment can be made through this website.   LINK HERE

GRGF Fall League 

Based on a successful pilot program in 2014, GRGF will again offer a 2016 Fall League.  This league is designed for juniors ages 12 - 17 that can already play independently and are keeping their skills sharp for high school golf in the spring.   This league encourages these juniors to meet and play with other golfers in the area.  The league has a weekly match in a 2 - 4 person team scramble format at a variety of golf course in the area.   Cost is the $25 GRGF annual registration fee, and then a $20 per event entry fee.